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Amanda Sibusisekile Sibiya is an African entrepreneur with a great passion for the African Continent. She believes there is an untapped and hidden narrative about Africa that has not yet been documented and has dedicated her life to telling these stories in whatever way possible. Born in South Africa and having travelled other African countries, she realized how much South Africa hadn’t retaliated against embracing a westernized culture, causing it to be less true to its African Heritage, which deepened her love and search for Africa’s Heritage.

Sibiya was not always a businesswoman but has always wanted to be the author of her own story and believed that it was never going to happen under someone else’s’ handwriting. With her background in studying animation, it taught her the fundamentals of storytelling and also the difference between reality and fairytales. Dedicated to writing her future, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey which led her to running a brand agency she co-founded for 4 years, telling brand stories through visual designs, strategy and marketing. She simultaneously co-founded and ran a creative portfolio magazine which was dedicated to showcasing the creativity of Africa.

Her calling for the African narrative grew and ushered her to focusing on being a missionary for the African narrative. This became the birth of Hadithi Africa Media Group, which will create a series of platforms that would be vital in the preservation of African Heritage.

 Amanda Sibiya is also one of the young thought leaders for the African Heritage Programme at the Mandela Institute for Development studies (MINDS);

The African Heritage Programme encompasses all learning about African people and their heritage, with the aim of increasing attention and reflection on the imperative of situating ‘Africanness’ at the center of sustainable social, economic and political development in Africa. 

“The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it”

– George Kimble 

Today, Amanda’s personal mission has become to assist in decreasing this ignorance by unconventionally educating a global audience about our beautiful continent, Africa.

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