5 Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a stunning African country, with lush national parks, stunning rivers and waterfalls, diverse wildlife and so much more. There are a million things you can do in Zimbabwe, but we’re only going to take a look at 5 of them. If you’re planning a trip to this African country and you don’t know where to start, here are BookAllSafaris.com’s recommendations on things to do in Zimbabwe.

Hwange National Park

Zimbabwe travel is synonymous to African safaris! It’s one of the best safari destinations in Africa and Hwange National Park is the gold standard of African national parks and it’s also the largest natural reserve in Zimbabwe. Founded in 1928, Hwange National Park is home to a whopping 400 bird and 100 mammal species, including eight large carnivores and 19 large herbivores. If you want a traditional African safari experience, Hwange will offer you just that! Cecil the lion used to live there, until it was lured outside of the park and was killed by an American hunter.

Victoria Falls National Park

CNN included Victoria Falls on their list of Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Located between Zambia and Zimbabwe, at its center, Victoria Falls measures 355 ft (108 m) in height and has an average flow rate of 38,430 cu ft/s (1088 m3/s). It is an impressive and stunning waterfall, a simply must-see travel destination, one of the greatest curtains of falling water in the world. Why not throw a safari in the mix and do both? With this safari and Victoria Falls adventure, you get the best of both experiences!

Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary

A mere 20-minute drive from Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, you will find the Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary. Located on the shore of the Chivero lake, the sanctuary houses over 460 bird species. The Kuima Shiri Bird Sanctuary was founded 20 years ago, by Gary Stafford and it helps injured, sick or abandoned birds from all over the country. Tourists are encouraged to interact with the birds through daily bird flying activities, and bird shows where tourists can witness the awesome birds of prey hunting fish from the lake. The sanctuary is a lovely, tranquil place that is also suited for families with children, as it has pony rides and various other children activities.

Wild & Life Trust and ZEN

Located in Harare, Wild and Life Trust, or WILT, is an Animal Sanctuary that takes care of rescued wildlife, the injured, the orphaned and even some protected and endangered species. As a visitor, you get to engage with animals with which otherwise wouldn’t even have the chance to. There’s one thing to see a giraffe on a safari, and another thing to be able to get close to it and pet it. According to their website, booking is essential and while the tickets are quite pricey (one ticket for an adult is $95, for teens 12 to 16 years, $80, and children under 12 years need to pay $50), the 266 excellent reviews on TripAdvisor guarantee you will have the time of your life at WILT.

Avondale Flea Market

If you’ve had enough of trekking through national parks or you feel as you have seen your fair share of wild animals, we recommend you take a spin through the Avondale Flea Market in Harare. It’s a big flea market, where you can find pretty much anything, from electronics, to souvenirs, clothes and jewelry. If you’ve never been to a flea market, the whole haggling concept might throw you off your groove, but worry not, you’ll get the hang of it quickly! You can find cheap souvenirs, artwork and whatever else you want, but we do suggest you bring a guide or a local with you if you’ve never been to a flea market. Happy shopping!

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