A LUV, LOVE!,LOVE? Story by Ndumiso Sibanda

Zimbabwean film maker based in SA, Ndumiso Sibanda has filmed a 3 part Fashion film titled “LUV, LOVE!,LOVE”. Each film deals with a moment of a long distance relationship.

The film made for The Prodigal Daughter was filmed in Melbourne, Australia. The Prodigal Daughter is a fashion label founded by Phoebe Mwanza, “The label chronicles Phoebe’s journey of reconnecting and re-discovering her African roots after spending many years disconnected from it.”

“At the time of making this film i was exploring love as a theme in my personal work…for a while I’ve wanted to unhinge my jaws and express that side of me. Love is something that we don’t know how to express for ourselves fluidly without pause or thought…often it takes us stages to try and get a word out when talking about love…at times its a feeling that overwhelms us but leaves us psychotically helpless…  often it can be described as socially accepted insanity…we find ourselves in various forms of its beautiful clutch,” says Ndumiso Sibanda.

“I use to think I was cursed…well maybe not that dramatic but distance was always something that crept into my relationships…for some reason whenever I got into a relationship I would get an opportunity I couldn’t refuse one that would take me far and often that meant my relationship would become a long distance one…or I would meet someone amazing the day before their return to their own home usually a continent away…but the spark we ignite would be enough to get us into the Kinda trouble that says “lets try”…so I’ve chosen to explore love over distances,” adds Sibanda.

The song ‘Cosmic Light’ by South African jazz artist, Thandi Ntuli is used in the film.

Part 1: LUV

LUV: when you meet someone interesting and you want more but its too early to define.

Part 2: LOVE !

LOVE! (Exclamation):
when it’s been a few months and you’re in honey moon phase and its just so damn good…all you want is to spend every second of every moment with each other…but you’re isolated by distance.null


When long distance hurts painfully and it feels like you’ve said it all and there is nothing left you can do over the phone.

A Ndumiso Sibanda
Fashion Film for the 
Prodigal Daughter.

Her – Phoebe Mwanza
Him – Ndumiso Sibanda

Filmed and edited by Ndumiso Sibanda 

Produced by:
Phoebe Mwanza
Ndumiso Sibanda

Filmed in Melbourne 

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