Language: Swahili
Origin: Arabic ثيِدَح‎ (HadīI, “story, news”) Meaning: Narrative, Story, Fable, Legend


Hadithi Africa is a contemporary educative platform that promotes and showcases the African narrative. Connecting you to Africa through curating  stories of her culture, history and heritage. 

Pan-Africanism is the belief that people of African descent have common interests and should be unified. In that unity we believe that there are stories and narratives that have not yet been told or documented by the African people, and this is our main focus as Hadithi Africa; Narrating the Chronicles of Africa’s history, rich culture, art and so much more.

“Restoring Africa’s Narrative is our vision; creating platforms and experiences to showcase Africa’s heritage is how we intend on doing it”

Previously knows as Conte Magazine, we always had a passion for Africa with a mission to tell African creative stories by featuring creatives from all over Africa. Founded in 2015 the evolution of Conte Magazine came to its culmination in 2018 when it rebranded as Hadithi Africa; a platform for the African Narrative. After intensive research we found that Africa in itself has always been the epitome of creativity and wanted to widen our vision to narrating the stories of Africa as a whole. There is a globally minded audience of readers who are hungry for the authentic African narrative and experience beyond their national borders.

Our Platforms

As one of our first platfroms, we start by publishing a magazine in the aim of telling the African narrative. Bringing awareness to the people, history, art, culture of the continent, as we connect together through an aesthetically pleasing forum which provides access for people to engage in the African Narrative, stories, legends.

Hadithi African Guidebook:
A seasonal Guide book used to focus on one African Country and exude its rich culture, art, history, politics, but most importantly its people and anything that makes that country what it is. What makes our magazine valuable is that we aim to travel to these countries so we can immerse ourselves in the culture we would like to narrate and give a more authentic experience to all readers of the magazine.

Our website acts as an online platform where African narratives in different categories are published on a regular basis for an audience that prefers learning about Africa through their phones. This blog like platform gives an opportunity for writers and bloggers to also submit content about Africa for a global audience.

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Wear Africa  is a paraphernalia line with a range of African apparel, Gifts, Stationery, Art, Craft, Decor, Cards, Decorations, aimed at creating proudly African products that tell an African story while educating its audience . Creating walking Afripedia’s using the greatest asset of the universe, its people. Taking African knowledge to higher heights but making it more accessible to both travellers and enthusiast.


Hadithi aims to expand these platforms to reach a bigger audience, adding variety in the manner in which Africa is learnt about and experience. Our vision to document Africa will only be fulfilled in adding a variety of platforms where consumers can engage and connect with the continent.


Hadithi Africa is a non profit organisation passionate about Africa and in future aims to be a complete media brand with an addition of audio, design and online elements, retail network and online businesses, selling products and services that cater to our audience’ tastes and are produced by African brands we believe in. Hadithi will continue to grow and flourish, and at our core is the belief that there will always be a place for a media brand that is committed to telling authentic African stories.

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Hadithi Africa is one of the many African brands under Hadithi Africa Media group.

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