Africa Through Songi’s lens.

Songi Langeni is a South Africa passionate Photographer, “a breather of delicious air’ as he would describe himself on some of his social profiles. Songi traveled over 40 countries in Africa capturing breathtaking moments in time. Have a read about his experience, but mostly take a look at Africa through Songi’s lens.

“I’ve been taking pictures for a long time. Mostly as a hobby. I’ve explored different kinds of photography and in the last 5 years I focused a lot on portrait photography. I enjoy the conceptual, studio and post aspects of it. I enjoyed having the control over the final outcome of the shots. Visualising an idea and seeing it through.

Cover image of Conte Magazines #AfricaIssue 2015

This project, which started at the beginning of October 2015 last year took us to over 40 countries in Africa and I’ve never enjoyed my photography more. Shooting whatever the location you were in had to offer on that specific day. No visualising, no planning. I never knew I could enjoy this kind of photography at home and I think it’s because I couldn’t find the appeal in what I thought, I already knew.

But this trip has given me the creative satisfaction from a set I didn’t design. Finding the essence of what makes a good photo in everyday life. The world and the people in it, as is. I think it’s pushed my photographic eye and helped me find and sometimes create those moments that I want to capture, in anything. Even here at home.”

Songi Langeni became Conte Magazine’s cover artists for their #AfricaIssue back in 2015, we think that was timely and very appropriate, there was no way we would not feature such greatness.

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