Hadithi.Africa is an African-owned school of thought that has Africa at its core. Committed to informing and connecting Africans around the world, Restoring Africa’s Narrative is our vision and creating platforms and experiences to showcase Africa’s heritage is how we intend on doing it

We embrace diversity and currently accept stories/blog posts/articles that have relevant information and perspectives for pan-African audience. Anyone can send their entries to and you will get feedback if it’s within our editorial scope.


1. Online (

Hadithi Africa is seeking for writers to contribute monthly posts to our website. These writers are considered brand ambassadors, who write for and share content on social media channels. Writers also includes bloggers who already write for their own platforms and are looking for an additional global platform to share their content. If you are interested in being a contributing writer on, please email with a link to your blog if you have one.
Website contributors are not paid.

What should I write about?

All posts on this site are about Africa and cover a range of subjects including Africa’s History, Culture, Development, Business, Entertainment, Food and Culture, Current Affairs and Travel etc. If you can analyse, comment and or review any of these you are in.

Hadithi Africa also accepts pitches for personal travel essays. . Please send your pitch and a short bio to If selected, completed essays should be 500-750 words and should have a featured image that goes with the article.

The content must strictly be about the African Continent in whatever category is your niche, ie; travel, food, history, culture, articles etc.

Please note that Hadithi Africa does not pay writers for guests articles.

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