Hadithi Guide Books

A Guide book used to hone in on one African Country and exude its rich culture, art, history, politics, but most importantly its people and anything that makes that country what it is. What makes our guide books valuable is that we aim to travel to these countries so we can immerse ourselves in the culture we would like to narrate and give a more authentic experience to all readers of the magazine. It is called a guide book because it essentially guides you through Africa, one country at a time. Ideal for travellers going to those countries and also people who just want to learn about Africa.

The Hadithi Guide Books would be the first of many publications which we will publish aimed at telling the African narrative, bringing awareness of the people, history, art, culture of the continent, as we connect together through an aesthetically pleasing forum which provides access for people to engage an connect to the African continent .

Each edition of Hadithi Guide Books will have content that would interest a wide variety of people who have an interest in the African continent, wether they live in it or not. The content of each edition will be structured in a way that will live on as an educational platfrom where future readers will still find the content relevant and Intriguing.

The following are areas the content of each Hadithi Edition will cover;


Historical facts according to the people who live in the country. Which will also be educa- tional to readers who would like to learn more of the respective country.

This acts as a subcategory of history as we will explore the history of where the politics started and where it is today.

This will include a basic education of the languages and tribes within the country and also what makes them different and unique from others.

This becomes a sub category of culture as each tribe would have their respective staple dish which we will also cover in each edition of Hadithi.

With traveling to each respective country we will include travel recommendations for each country which includes, tourist attractions

We would like to think that art is an universal language
but in each issue we will explore how differ- ently each country interprets that.

There are ample business and investing opportunities in each country which people in and around the African continent would be interested in getting in which will be covered in each issue. a sub-category of this will be a business directory of businesses in each country.

The one exciting part of each edition will be photographic content from selcted photographers who are from each respetive country who capture the authenticity of their country, culture, food and so much more.

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