Kgothatso Malatjie

The Concept of this piece was born through a conversation with a friend. Like most of us, he was struggling to find his way. He felt abandoned as he continued to speak of his anger towards the Creator and how he had so many unanswered questions. I too had often felt that way but I was too ashamed to express it; him disclosing his perspective resonated with the of emotions I was feeling. The feeling was overwhelming and I needed an outlet.

As an artist, I could visualise the emotions captured in one image. For me, creating the piece was a way of dealing with all the emotions by creating beauty where there was none.

Photographing this became a spiritual experience – just like how creating any other form of art is inspired by the soul and the passion towards the creation – because of the heaviness that came with it. It became more than just photograph for me. One could say I captured pieces of myself that were a reflection of the questions I had towards The Creator.

We often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, and as the load gets heavier, we lose touch with our spiritual selves. We find ourselves reaching for the light but the darkness haunts us and grips on tightly.

We are dropped here on earth with our naked souls, with nothing but our wings to remind us who we really are and where we come from.

Art becomes the only connection that links us to our spiritual selves, and this is is what makes art spiritual to me.

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