Upside-down House: Hartebeespoort, South Africa

Located near the Hartbeespoort Dam in the North West, the Upside Down House now joins the elite group of unique buildings in South Africa.

The unique building breaks all the rules of architecture and lives up to the hype as the inside is also upside down.

Marketing manager René Cronjé says when construction began, they were faced with some unique hurdles.

“We did experience some challenges in making the house. The house is not just built upside down it’s also built on an angle, not only do you have to think the other way around whenever you have to put something up against the roof you have to apply that to al furniture as well.”

This unique home is built in the same manner as most ordinary houses with one major difference: it’s completely upside down.

This unusual structure is based on the idea that sometimes the world around us feels as though it’s upside down. South Africans are encouraged to visit this unique piece of art, which is open each day of the week and is also now operating under strict covid-19 precautions so families can rest assured of a safe environment.

Every detail that you would usually find in a standard home has been incorporated, except it’s all been inverted and is just out of reach.

Gather your friends and loved ones and explore the Upside Down House in Hartbeespoort, South Africa for a day out of the ordinary.

Upside Down House

Entry fees range from R60 for children to R100 for adults and while you explore the upside-down world, you’ll be able to take interesting Instagram snaps.

As visitors walk through the unusual home they’re able to experience each room from what appears to be the roof but is actually the floor.

Posing opportunities abound as guests appear to be dangling from the roof or simply suspend in the air.

The Upside-down House also has jumping castles and ride on bikes for the smaller kids. Teenagers would enjoy the “Africa” picture frame. They are also welcome to engage in some soccer or Volley Ball, it is definitely a family affair.

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